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Have you ever talked to a screenwriter about bad movies? You really should.

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Anonymous asked: Could you recommend some shorts or short films?

I am horrible with short films.


Literally anyone else would be better at answering this question.

Cause I’m horrible.

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Drama occurs as an argument against Fate. It is the refusal of human or human-like creatures to accept some problem that has befallen them, and is identifiable as the action/s taken, as well as every resistance to the action/s. Drama is never the expression of a character who is happy, but of a character that wants to be happy and is strives anxiously anxious to bring it about despite all odds.

Billy Marshall Stoneking


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First time this week that it’s been under 90 degrees by the time I’ve gotten to my office.

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Anonymous asked: How do you write a script that has no dialogue? Do you even write one?

You definitely write one. 

You write one the same way you write a script without dialogue.  You write the picture that you would be able to physically see on the screen. 

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