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Anonymous asked: You don't think the Black List is already well/widely used at this point? If you've seen the stats, they already have a pretty remarkable track record of "breaking" previous unproduced writers in by either getting them signed at an agency or management company from getting noticed on the site or actually getting people interested in their scripts to possibly option or buy. Also, what don't you like about them that prevents you from wanting to try the site out for one of your own scripts?

Mostly it has been, that in my experience, I have never met a lit agent or manager or a producer who has used it to find scripts. 

So for me, I don’t think I will use it until at least the midlevel producers/agents/managers around me start paying attention to it.  

Right now, they all treat it with something approaching disdain.  

A few, mostly the lit agents, treat it with outright scorn. 

Now if this changes, then absolutely I will be right there to use it.


(Now I have to put the disclaimer on here that if you’re talking about the script black list that goes around, where everyone nominates what script they believe is the best unproduced script, then I love the heck out of that and desperately hope I make that list some day, but that’s not something I can just put my script on, as, like I said, you have to be nominated.)

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letteronastring replied to your post“Well, my company’s internship blurb has been posted”
Oh, is that the talent management internship that just went up on the Che Equis page? Nicely written. :D

Yes it is!

And thank you.  It was mostly taken from the previous person and tweaked.

I am intensely curious on how many responses it gets.

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